She was born
with lights in her eyes
that brought the wild things
the dark things
they took her to the shadows
built cages
clipped the wings
told her she could never fly
without a leash and chain
she must obey
programmed for others
never for oneself

she lived always looking outside
wanting to be free
from the cages and chains
from the dark and wild things
from the ghost and bad dreams
from the things which broke her
until she became a thousand
broken photos
a million poems
hundreds of designs
as each moment she could
find a way to create
she took back some of her power

one day she decided
to break the chains
to leave the cage
to reprogram her program
to rebuild her wings
it wasn’t easy trying to fly
with half a wing
or while melting chains
but she kept on pushing

until one day she realized
the cage was still in her mind
then her life unraveled
faced with losing everything
she sat on the edge
and stared into the distance

searching the sky for a sign
a vision a kind word
a loving memory
anything to chase the shadows away
and give her strength to return
to her dreams
her heart
her vision
her mission

there in the dark
without the light of the moon
hangs venus
and she puts her hand over her heart
and says

I am safe
I am loved
I am supported
I am love

over and over
and with every word
her wings expanded
even as her heart broke
until she remembered
what it felt like to fly
to feel love
to be safe

and each day
she has to remember
how to chase the shadows away
the program never seems to fail
at returning in doubt
anger fear shame guilt
and she has to remember how to
not fall down but rather look up
and say

I am love
I am loved
I am safe
I am supported

Even when the world shakes
and the storms rage
and everything seems to be
falling away

and in the end she knows
she is but stardust
and all of this is just a journey
time is short
we all pass on
so what matter now
in the moment

find the lights of venus
tonight my loves
and remember how to chase the
shadows and break the chains

you are love
you are loved
you are safe
you are supported

I am love
I am loved
I am safe
I am supported

and with this arrow
into a thousands hearts
across the world
I say goodnight



Scarab Gown by RITUAL

Ritual Jillian Ann Jillian Ann Cassidy Haley


February 23, 2017

Bend never broken
Burned as the fires
Rage above me
Until I go back underground
There I return to my roots and seeds
As they split and divide
And I become a thousand times
Divided stronger and spread
The storms rage tear me from the earth
But I bend and grow my roots into the hills

I never die
I fall
I burn
I split
I divide
But never die
But never gone

And I surrender to the storm
I surrender to the fire
I surrender to the winds
I love them even as they
Break and burn me
Into the earth I lay
My head and find my strength
I find meaning

But never die

I rise
In a thousand seeds
Carried by the wind

Over and over


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February 17, 2017

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Alea Rain Jillian Ann Cassidy Haley Jillian Ann Haley


February 17, 2017

Bind yourself in this armour
Spun from stardust
Transformed into matter
Bursting forth as nature
Ingested by beings that live
And die
stripped from the remains
And laid at the altar
Of consciousness
To be woven into dreams
Stitched into patterns
Of protection
Of beauty
Of claiming these bodies as our own
And fighting for this place
We call home
Adorned in the centuries of cycles
Resurrected from the ashes of night
Let your heart pass through
The end
And beginning
Let these spirits live on through the webs of creation
So that we can transform
And remember the truth
That has been wiped from our eyes
From stardust we came
To stardust we go
And all we can ask is to grow
The vision is pure but the process aches
With the death of a thousand souls

Ritual Scarab Gown
Stylist Jillian Ann
Designers Jillian Ann + Cassidy Haley
Model Leslie Gray
Photography Zhen Images
Makeup LaDonna Stein
2 Makeup Helen Park
Jeff Ward



February 05, 2017

We want to dress people in beautiful clothing
To cover the scars with lace
The tears with armor
To take the beautiful blown open hearts
Make them shine on the street
The dream is not to be rich
But to inspire a dream of a world
In which we can be free
To express ourselves
No matter who we really are
To be supported in our broken bones
Or our superhero strength
To be able to be loved
When we break
And when we rise
To take back everything
That was taken from us
Our power
Our freedom
Our rights
To be who we are
Without rules created
To control us
To make us small
To limit us
So We want to dress you
To remind you and everyone who sees us as
All of us despite our color
Our race
Our religion
Our expression
That each and everyone of us
is unique beautiful powerful
and most of all
even when we bend and break
We rise
So remember who you are my loves
you are all
and all those scars
Just make you shine
all those tears
just make your love
break out of the the boxes
we were placed in
so rise my loves
in your

Never forget
who you all
really are

do not lose sight
in the noise my love
in the fear
or the chaos
the storms or the winter winds

remember the sun
breaking down on your beautiful heart
full of love my dear
and rise into your
never forget
always remember
you are

From the left to the right
Leslie Gray Is Wearing the Nymph Custom Gown and Waist Cincher
Jillian Ann Is wearing a Custom Open Front Bustle Corset Gown
Glass Olive Is wearing a Nymph Custom Gown Made in White Flower Print
Stephanie Edmark is wearing a
Photography by Zhen Images
Makeup and Hair by LaDonna Stein LaDonna Stein Makeup Artist
Hair and Makeup #2 Helen Park
Styled by Jillian Ann
Designs all by Ritual



January 27, 2017

The new moon comes on Jan 28th, we suggest a Ritual..

Into the abyss
the darkness
come to me
let me envelop you
I will wrap you in my black and quiet night
time to be still my darling
time to go in my darling
the light will come again and you will bath in the shine
but for now you can rest
plant the seeds in your mind
dream your future into being
through the depths of time
the manic pursuits you reached for
so intensely you have climbed
can fade into the past
a new path will born into the emptiness left behind
you can be new tonight


Jillian Ann wears a Ritual Custom Gown
Original photo by Jeff Diffner
comp by Cassidy Haley


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We started RITUAL because we wanted to see RITUALS become part of our world again. Life is a RITUAL, make it what you want. We can all focus on what we want to create or all focus on what we do not want. Whatever we focus on we feed, right now we feel its more important than ever to focus on empowerment, self-expression, creation, and creating solutions, being the change in the world and spreading inspiration, positivity, and change.
We want to create a world in which all beings can be who they are safely and supported in their expression of love and creation.
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The Queen of Heart

January 21, 2017


The queen of hearts
knows the risk she takes
setting up these games
dealing cards and bearing arms
into the battle fray

she has locked herself in beauty
magic castle halls
so long that she forgets
what awaits outside the walls

so she ventures out
into the great and oh so terrible world
clutching her cards to her beating chest
disaster looms at every turn

what if she reveals
her fragile hand much to soon?
what if she hold out to long
and everything she'll lose?

but she plays and takes the chance
risking all she built
because the risk of never knowing love
is oh so greater still

to play and lose is better
than to never play at all
wondering forever
what might have magically resolved

just a whisper of possibility.
the chances are not great.
and yet she plays. and plays and plays.
trusting in a fate.

a glimmer. a wish.
a dream
of a life familiar
yet oh so far away.
she believes in her namesake

the queen of hearts.
the queen of hearts.
she loves and loves the game of hearts even when the heart does break.

Jillian Ann is Wearing a Custom Made one of a kind Gown created for a film Project

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Break Boudaries

January 09, 2017

When I designed this collar / leash / harness and named it The Raven Collar I set the intention to break some boundaries around expression of sexuality . This cover just came out with it and our Base Harness on the cover and I couldn't be more thrilled with the manifesting of thought into art . Life is beautiful . Break Down the walls

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