Do you want one of Our Moto Garters for free? or just want one to play in?

January 24, 2017

We now have some In Stock.We created them so you could dance or explore without carrying a purse. Large enough for your larger phones (iphone + ) etc.
Leather or canvas ( for our vegan fans ) crafted with two detachable pockets. Each pocket has two zipper pouches perfect for storing your precious items. If you just want a sexy fashionable addition to any outfit just remove the pockets for a sleek sexy garter.
Wear it with two pockets, or one pocket or no pockets, dress it up or dress it down. One of our top selling accessories. If you want one tag yourself in this photo. If you want one for free we will give one away to whoever reaches the most people with this post. Our last winner was The Violet Vixen who shared our post reached over 100,000k and won our last prize...
This time it could be you...
You can reach people in the following way
invite your friends to like this page ( send us a screen shot)
Share this to friends on your page and or groups ( we can see this so you don't need to document unless it's private)
Share this on your blog, group or page then show us the numbers our last winner sent us a screen shot of the post which she reposted on her page and reached 100K.
You help us everytime you share us, you support us, you support our dream and mission of not just making fashion, but standing up for self-expression, personal empowerment, and freedom.
We want to be the change we want to see in the world and the world we want to see is one in which woman, men, and all beings can express themselves fully, and freely. Be sexy and safe, be powerful and wild.
We started RITUAL because we wanted to see RITUALS become part of our world again. Life is a RITUAL, make it what you want. We can all focus on what we want to create or all focus on what we do not want. Whatever we focus on we feed, right now we feel its more important than ever to focus on empowerment, self-expression, creation, and creating solutions, being the change in the world and spreading inspiration, positivity, and change.
We want to create a world in which all beings can be who they are safely and supported in their expression of love and creation.
Let's create beauty, let's have fun, let's play and most of all lets make this world a beautiful place by sharing our hearts, love, art, and dreams...
Let's create the world we want to live in...
and in the meantime one person will win something beautiful to add to their collection