Get a free Custom Jacket

December 05, 2016

We have reached over 720,000 people with the post pinned at the top of our us reach 1 million. You can save 30-50% off by helping us or win a free custom jacket like the one below in the picture.
So far we have one strong contender for the free jacket...but we are still waiting to see if someone else can reach more people. We are using this to help find brand ambassadors and possibly find someone to hire in our marketing If you share, blog, re-post, invite friends, etc..please document your work so we can see it and give you the discount code! :)
The Prize could be more than a jacket....

Also, this is going so well that we have decided to extend the sale so there's still time to play the game! We can still produce a limited amount of items for the holidays and we will be posting and notifying people here and on the front of the website when we have reached our limit for holiday deliveries. We have a limited amount of items we can make and we sold out during our last big sale for Burning Man and expect to do the same this holiday so don't wait too long. When the notice on the front of our website saying we can still meet deadlines goes away, we will be sold out for the holiday season. so don't wait.

Read the Rules and Play the Game in the post pinned to the top of our page!
Jillian Ann is wearing custom Suede Green Siren Jacket
by Ritual
Photography by Bart Everett
Photograph taken in San Diego, California
Cassidy Haley Jillian Ann Jillian Ann Jillian Haley Ritual Jillian Ann Jillian Ann Jillian Ann Jillian Ann