Have you been wanting one of our bespoke jackets?

December 19, 2016

Have you been wanting one of our bespoke jackets?

Then if you would like a discount code (it will be the biggest one of the year so big we won't post it online) then read this, like it share it and email us and we will send you the code.

As we make our way through the made-to-order business model we realize not many people know what it’s like to have a custom fit jacket made just for them, or how valuable it is to have something that can be worn for a lifetime. There is nothing like putting on a garment that was made JUST to fit you. We want to give that to more people. We want people to realize the true value of buying a lifetime piece they will have forever (we also do a lifetime guarantee) as opposed to buying cheap now, and then buying cheap again, and then doing it again.

Each time we buy and throw away something we are contributing to the second most damaging energy on the earth to both our environment as well human rights .

For us, it's extending the LIFE cycle of a garment as far as possible while minimizing the DEATH cycle (how long something takes to biodegrade) as much as possible. So part of our solution is to champion made-to-order garments made from durable natural materials with custom measurements so it fits perfectly and is so amazing and luxurious that it inspires our customers to rethink how they relate to fashion. By investing in a high quality jacket made from sturdy leather you actually save money over the course of a few years when you consider how fast cheap plastic garments degrade and become unwearable.

So today we decided to offer something that would entice people that haven't necessarily thought about buying a custom fit jacket before but who may “convert” into the slow fashion lifestyle once they actually owned a piece. So if you have ever been curious about wearing something that feels amazing, looks amazing and will last you forever, we ask you to consider it now. It’s tempting to give in to the allure of low cost things, but when you look at the true cost of fashion you find that it really is to good to be true.

That 20 dollar plastic jacket will end up in a landfill after just one season, along with the thousands of other plastic jackets that were made poorly from bad materials and often by marginalized workers who work in virtual servitude (we pay our tailors a fair, living wage). Today you could end that cycle. You could invest in ONE jacket that will last you forever. You can pass it down to your children. You can grow with it. It will mold to your body. It can become a part of you. That isn't possible with fast fashion. The only way to end the destructive nature of the current fashion industry is to support and create alternatives. Today you can be a part of that.

Jillian Ann is wearing The Huntress in White
Photography by John Dongera in Los Angeles
Cassidy Haley is wearing the Hunter in Black
Photography by Jeff Diffner
Jillian Ann is wearing the Artemis in Antique Gray
by Teardrop Studio In Australia
Jillian is wearing the Atomica In Black bu Chris Soo Images in Singapore
Australia Singapore