Must do if you want don't people gossiping behind your back

January 03, 2017

If you don't want people starting rumors about you or hating on you or putting you down or being nice to your face and then gossiping behind your back you must do the following things.

1. Never be hot
2. Never be comfortable with your full expression
3. Never succeeded at anything
4. Never be talented
5.Never have more than one partner at a time or not be straight
6. Never stand up for the truth
7. Never defend people against harm or shame
8. Never be better then anyone else at anything
9. Never have more friends followers or likes than anyone
10. Never have more money or fame than anyone
11. Never risk offending people
12. Never stand up for what you believe in
13. Never have an opinion
14. Never try to change anything
15. Never try to fight for anything

But most of all
Always be small
So no one will be offended by your being

Be bold
Be honest
Speak the truth if your voice shakes
Never doubt the heart
Follow it past the fear
Be the full expression of self
Even if it rattles the cages
Breaks the ideas of safety
Don't be safe
Don't be small
Be grand be dangerous
Be completely authentic
In the silence
In a room
Be who you're soul desires
Follow that until the end of time
Live without excuses
Live as if there was no tomorrow
Love as if there is no guilt
No shame in your expression
Be the beautiful dangerous being you are

Wearing a Custom Made Gown
Jillian Ann