RITUAL Promotional Game Round 2

January 12, 2017

Win $777 in store credit to be used for anything at www.ritual.fashion and receive a secret discount code

Winner will be chosen based on whomever reaches the most people in the next month through social media interactions. Play by sharing, tagging, liking, posting, etc. and emailing us (contact@ritual.fashion) screenshots of the results. This can be here, a personal blog, email, or other social networks. post whatever you feel inspired to say about us or our fashion. Feel free to repost your favorite image of our work or even of yourself in our clothes (which we love to see!). We are also going to offer secret discounts to anyone who invites at least 20 friends to like the page and shares this post in at least ten ways and some even bigger things to people that get close but dont win first place. so there are many ways to play and win!

For the secret discount invite at least 20 friends to like our page and share something in 10 ways then email us at contact@ritual.fashion and ask for the secret code.

We are also very proud to announce the winner of our first game from last month, JASMINE ELLSWORTH! she won a free huntress jacket after she reached over 100,000k people. We are even interviewing her to possibly come help us on the RITUAL team as part of our marketing department so beyond winning free things you also could end up being a part of our team!

As we grow, we are exploring options for how to continue to sustain as a self-funded company (until we find the perfect investor, which we are looking for) and exploring ways to get our message and art out to a broader audience. This games are one way we hope to make new connections with people who can help with that mission. We truly believe fashion has the power to transform our sense of self. What we wear can empower us and inspire us and make us feel unstoppable and we want nothing more than to share this through our wearable art. By playing this game with us you are helping to make it happen, so thank you!