About Us


The Art is our Magic, spells woven into seams...

Ritual is a fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to inspiring a world of beauty, compassion, and relentless creative exploration.

We have a vertically-integrated artisanal factory that supports a rich community of tailors paid a fair, living wage and primarily uses only natural and sustainable materials like Lenzing Modal (a carbon neutral fabric made from Beechwood trees where up to 95% of processing chemicals are recovered during production) and Leather that is the bi-product of the meat industry in Indonesia (where goats and sheep are a staple part of the diet)

Our creations are the spell we cast out into the universe like a beacon calling all those who believe this world can be beautiful, that we can love each other, that we can sustain on this planet, that we can bring to life all the fantastical visions that beat in our souls of what could be.