Lyran Sleeveless Hooded Bodysuit - XXS [SAMPLE SALE]

The RITUAL Lyran Sleeveless Hooded Bodysuit is handcrafted using eco-conscious modal fabric featuring an oversized hood combined with a fitted sleeveless bodysuit to create a flexible and flattering silhouette.  This item has also been featured in several photo shoots.

This item has been created with snaps in the bottom bridge of the bodysuit. The item featured for the sample sale is brand new and is a sizing exchange.

RITUAL creates fashion for the future with a commitment to quality for our products, our business, and our lives. 

RITUAL works with a fair labor fashion production house and all of our tailors are paid above the industry standard rate. We use the most environmentally conscious materials that we can with less environmental impact than traditional fast fashion garment providers.

A wide variety of options are available to make each RITUAL creation a truly unique piece of wearable art.

ONLINE SAMPLE SALE orders are final, but can be exchanged for store credit within 7 days of delivery should you encounter any fit issues.

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