The Caged Dress

To be bound by one's own force of will is the way of the master. We contain ourselves to anchor ourselves in the parts of us we want to evolve. Strapped into our life we relish these self-imposed boundaries. The kept lover in our heart we keep safe and wrapped around our bodies. 

This strapped leather harness gown is custom made to fit you perfectly. Perfect over something beautiful or nothing at all. We offer complete customization from sizing to color to any other customization you imagine. 

Please include your measurements and customization requests in the notes of your order. 


RITUAL creates fashion for the future with a commitment to quality for our products, our business, and our lives.

All RITUAL designs are handcrafted by a team of artisan tailors who are paid a living wage and work in ethical conditions. 

We use the most environmentally conscious materials that we can with less environmental impact than traditional garment providers.

Due to this commitment to fair labor and ethical working conditions our costs are higher than some other options.

RITUAL orders are final, but can be exchanged for store credit within 14 days of delivery should you encounter any fit issues.

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