Talisman Pouch

The first Talisman I was gifted was in Myanmar an old man handed me one from the 15th century it was a protector I have carried it with me since. The second was from a friend in Los Angeles it was from Egypt it was a protector stone. The third was on the playa it said Rebel on it . When we created this pouch I filled it with my Talisman and carried with me everywhere. 

Remembering and honoring the magic of ourselves and our everyday life create and cast spells with every thought vision and imprint we create on ourselves and the world around us. 

These pouches are made to be a add on to any holster garter belt or harness purse belt or bag. They are meant to carry your treasures. 


RITUAL is an Eco-Luxury brand with a commitment to quality for our products, our business, and our lives. All of our designs are hand crafted by our expert team of artisan tailors in our Bali atelier. RITUAL operates a fair labor fashion production house and all of our tailors are paid above the industry standard rate. We use the most environmentally conscious materials that we can with less environmental impact than the traditional fast fashion garment provider. Due to this commitment to fair labor, ethical working conditions, and eco-conscious materials, our costs are higher than some other options. You can learn more about this here: https://ritual.fashion/blogs/ritual-news-updates/looking-at-the-future


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