Two Suns I-Pad Case

I draw everything on my Ipad it changed my life the sketching aps and pens make designing even more fun. Limitless Paper Limitless colors made sense trying to carry art supplies across the world when I was constantly trying to minimize and reduce was challenging.  My friend who taught me how to draw on a ipad changed my life. I would inspire you to learn it is amazing.  I will make a youtube video on how or email me. You just need a ipad,  i pencil  from apple.. 
It has allowed me endless hours of creativity, in planes, trains, subways ... in cars... even at the dinner table...

The colors are endless and most of my designs are now drawn on a ipad....
I needed a case that was cool to carry it so I designed this, it also protects it , and it can fix in our other bags. Perfect for travel or just going out. Carry your art supplies everywhere in Style.
All RITUAL offerings support artistic expression, fair labor, and ethical fashion. Our preferred materials are eco-conscious goat leather, however vegan alternatives are available on request. On the order page simply select from the "Choose Your Color" menu for vegan options, and feel free to include a note with your order with your materials preferences.

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All RITUAL PRODUCTS support artistic expression, fair labor and human rights .
All Created out of Goat Leather By -Product of the meat industry, if you would like a Vegan Option Choose Pick your own color to pick from various Vegan Options . 
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