Lightcaster Limited Edition Jacket

Lightcaster Limited Edition 

This jacket was designed to be beautiful a work of art and yet practical enough to ride a motorcycle on or vanish into the shadows of New York City Streets.

The jacket is molded sculpted to your every curve, a double zipper allows you to open it up to just having a corset so you can ride a motorcycle or dance in it.

The Lightcsater Jacket comes with a detachable double zipper hood which also can double as a high collar, a blindfold a sleeping mask or a dust mask it is endlessly versatile.

Remove it for more of a classic look a fusion of modern elegance and classic shapes. Featuring a high collar to remind us to stand tall and hold our heads high.

We can also offer vegan-friendly versions upon request.

We will only be making 100 of this style as a Limited Edition RITUAL exclusive.

She had one tattoo hidden on her body, one only lovers would see. She discovered the symbol during her studies of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It is a signal for a purpose a signal for intention.

Then, a decade later, as she created this jacket she was meditating on what its name was. As she was riding her motorcycle in the jungle it said... Lightcaster.

And so it was.

Art is one level of desired creation but so is art made for our current life. In a world in which beauty can shift energy, and intention can alter a persons feeling, our spirit can be captured in art; be it fashion or music or a painting. 

Inspiration was once called breath of god. It moves as spirit does, silently, and yet spirit is a force stronger then any weapon. She believed that beauty could save the world.

We get to choose what we cast into the world with our every action, thought, and creation. For her a tattoo reminded her of this endlessly, it was her code to remember that even when things got dark, it is in the darkest days we need to remember the light. Be it a single star in the sky or the beauty we see in each others eyes.

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Due to this commitment to fair labor, ethical working conditions, and eco-conscious materials, our costs are higher than some other options. 

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