Couture Lyran Gown

The Lyran Gown

I remembered you the second I lost you, the splitting of atoms and the cascading flashes of light.

Worlds destroyed, the shattering of lives.

In that flash I remembered Us, in the pale blue light, the dark crystalline skies, and the deep dark sea of iridescent blackness.

We held each other in the beautiful dive,

A moment of love.

Before we were enemies where fear and mistrust distorted the connection. Where separation won and all was lost.

How many lives have we lived?

Love, lost and found over so many lifetimes. Our souls playing out the agreement we made, that we would find away to ascend and overcome the fear, loss, control, and choose unconditional love over destruction.

To heal

To dissolve duality

To end separation

To fully love unconditionally in presence

Do you remember our love?

The Lyran Gown is the remembrance of the second I lost you

and the minute I found you.

It is the celebration of the collapse of duality,

the end of separation and the return to the zero point in full presence.

Wrap yourself in this gown, in celebration of unconditional love.


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