Lyran Set: Face Cover, Gloves, and Privacy Cover

The Lyran Set includes the Lyran Series Mask Cover, Gloves, and Privacy Mask.


This mask has been developed to enhance privacy and prevent facial recognition from working in many places if you would like additional protection please place warm or red glasses or filters below . Many people are now wearing Warm or Red filters when traveling to reduce the effects of the light pollution . The mask can be used for entertainment , for reduction of facial recognition as well as play. Wear it in the city streets to take back a bit of your privacy , or to a party to protect your identity . This Lyran Cat mask has been beta tested and although designed to protect you also causes people to love you .  During our beta test we were greeted by security with "meows" and were able to roam freely.  We have a XS-M which fits most females and a M- XL which fits most males  comes in over 55 color choices.
This facemask cover has been designed for travel or just to look cool while protecting yourself.  For protection must be worn over a N95 3M mask or filter or higher , for general protection against dust, or other pollutants we still advise a N95 3M mask but you can also use mask by Masker for lower risk exposure. 
Comfortable adjustable options of ties, or buckle your choice.
We created two sizes XS-M and M-XL 
Most mask fit all sizes the size difference in in the chin and jaw area. 
Created to go over nitrile gloves for protection from various situations  just wear to keep your hands clean and safe from the dust and dirt. These full coverage gloves are designed for you to look and feel good while protecting your hands from chemicals, environmental extremes , viruses or the sun. 

We are making this as affordable as possible because we want you to have fun and look gorgeous and be safe.  We will be rolling out a collection of mask, gloves and facemask to help you prepare as well as to play in. 

These are all designed to add a element of adventure, and play into any situation as well as protect you from the various changes we are experiencing on the planet we are developing beautiful yet functional additions to your wardrobe. 
--- About The Collection ---

RITUAL presents a collection of fashion accessories designed for adventure and exploration in our new Lyran Protection series.

The Lyran Protection series includes masks, gloves, and face coverings made from leather or vegan material options. All standard orders can be customized to fit your features with our measurement guides.

We hope to keep the offerings in this collection as affordable as possible to encourage fantasy, exploration, and safety around the world.

All RITUAL offerings support artistic expression, fair labor, and ethical fashion. Our preferred materials are eco-conscious goat leather, however vegan alternatives are available on request. On the order page simply select from the "Choose Your Color" menu for vegan options, and feel free to include a note with your order with your materials preferences.

Please email us with any questions or requests for additional customization:

All RITUAL PRODUCTS support artistic expression, fair labor and human rights .
All Created out of Goat Leather By -Product of the meat industry, if you would like a Vegan Option Choose Pick your own color to pick from various Vegan Options . 
Email Us with any questions or custom request.

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