The Phoenix Holster [CELEBRATION]

The Phoenix Holster

Rise up, in the dark light the fire become the flame.

The Phoenix Holster  is unisex and can be created in any of our collections chosen colors or snake and croco (printed leather ) with or without studs.

For a sleeker more minimalist design we recommend your color of choice or black without studs. For more of a cyber punk or futuristic energy mixing the color and studs or printed leather and studs can allow you to express yourself. This is a unisex holster designed to be both unique and functional.

Includes a money pocket and a phone pocket we can adjust it to fit the largest phone (due to the ever changing phone sizes please let us know your current make and model when ordering) . Each holster is handcrafted by our artisan tailors in our in-house atelier.  If you have any questions about colors or customization feel free to contact us.

RITUAL creates fashion for the future with a commitment to quality for our products, our business, and our lives. 

RITUAL works with a fair labor fashion production house and all of our tailors are paid above the industry standard rate.

We use the most environmentally conscious materials that we can with less environmental impact than traditional fast fashion garment providers.

A wide variety of options are available to make each RITUAL creation a truly unique piece of wearable art.

CELEBRATION orders are final, but can be exchanged for store credit within 14 days of delivery should you encounter any fit issues.


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