The Venus Jacket


The Venus Jacket

Venus is one of the brightest stars in the sky. Fiery and full of passion, she rotates in the opposite direction to most of the other planets in the solar system.

A rogue agent among the titans of the galaxy, and yet a goddess flying so close to the sun.

The Venus Jacket is an intricately constructed coat made of durable, long-lasting, eco-conscious goatskin leather. (Vegan alternatives available, please inquire for customization options.)

This RITUAL design has been featured in the Evanescence music video for "The Chain," a song that was originally written and recorded by Fleetwood Mac.

In the video Amy Lee wears a custom Venus Jacket in what Rolling Stone describes as "a post-apocalyptic wasteland." (And manages to look stunningly gorgeous in the process.) Please watch and support the video: here.


All RITUAL designs are handcrafted by an expert team of artisan tailors who are paid a living wage and work in ethical conditions.

We use the most environmentally conscious materials that we can with less environmental impact than the traditional fast fashion garment provider.

Due to this commitment to fair labor, ethical working conditions, and eco-conscious materials, our costs are higher than some other options.

RITUAL orders are final, but can be exchanged for store credit within 7 days of delivery should you encounter any fit issues.

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