Measurement Guide

To measure yourself for a custom creation, please print and follow the following guide and email us the measurements. Please note if your measurements are taken in inches or centimeters when you submit your measurements guide.

It is also very helpful if we can receive photos of you (or the intended recipient) wearing form fitting clothing for our Creation Team's reference. When sending photos please include a front, back, and side view. Your face does not need to be included and modesty is appreciated. Your photos will be stored in your secure customer file and are for reference of our Creation Team only. 



  • Measure pressed against your body without pinching the skin.
  • Breathe in when measuring your torso.
  • Measure your arm widths from your dominant side.                            
  • Measure around your body parts at their biggest point (bicep, chest, etc) 
  • Only measurements relevant to your order are necessary (top half for jackets, etc.) We will adjust to fit the design you are ordering and leave room for layers under the jackets unless otherwise requested. For gowns, specify how tall your heels normally are as well.


Please note, we have slightly different measurement charts for female and male bodies. If you have any questions about which chart would be best for the style you have selected please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.