March 05, 2024 2 min read

“Tkay Maidza releases an avant garde video for recently released single ‘Won One’, that sees her at one with the elements, directed and produced by Munachi. The single is a slinky, razor-sharp track produced by Stint that addresses Tkay’s experiences with misogyny in the music industry.”

“The excoriating but high-minded song draws connections between the men who try to control women’s careers and those who do women the world over wrong every day. It plays like an exorcism, channelling all the apathy and animosity she felt towards music industry chauvinism.“

“[Her new album] Sweet Justice features collaborations with Lolo Zouaï, Amber Mark, Duckwrth, Flume and Kaytranada and is the second album from the Zimbabwean-born, Australian-raised, Los Angeles-based rapper, singer and producer, and the first female rapper signed to 4AD. The album was born out of a profound sense of karma as she steps away from toxic figures in her life - it’s a coming-of-age record about accountability that’s bright, breezy, freewheeling and fun, and hears her harnessing the feminine power that was inside her all along.“ - 4.A.D.


Musician & Muse: @tkaymaidza

Director: @munachiosegbu

3D Animation: @vanessapagano__ & @candace95x

Colorist: @jackpost

Makeup: @jaime.creates

Hair: @antoinemartinez

Stylist: @kaitlynvitug courtesy of @etclosangeles

Special Thanks: @claytonbeck1 & @richard_xavier

Gown and Jacket: @ritual_fashion

Musician & Muse: #TkayMaidza

Photography: Milo Lee

Makeup: Jaime Diaz

Hair: Anthony Martinez

Stylist: Kaitlyn Vitug

Special Thanks: Jade Ikazoboh

Scarab Gown: #RITUALfashion 


“Between 2018 and 2021, Tkay Maidza released a trilogy of EPs titled Last Year Was Weird. It was a chance for the Zimbabwean-born, Australian-raised and now Los Angeles-based rapper and musician to try on different musical hats, often all at once. From pop and R&B to trap and industrial, it was an expansion of her sonic world – a step into somewhere new and exciting.”

“Turns out this year is pretty weird, too. Maidza’s second album, Sweet Justice, lands with a bang. It’s an ambitious, sprawling record that again defies and hops across genres, flirting with different styles and sounds. It’s more eclectic and bolder than her first full-length album, 2016’s Tkay, but maintains that record’s pop sensibilities on tracks such as Out of Luck (featuring Lolo Zouaï and Amber Mark), Walking on Air and the synthy pulses of Ghost!”

“It’s all underpinned by slick, bass-heavy production and the 27-year-old’s confident delivery, which is key here on a record themed around reclamation. Maidza has described Sweet Justice as a breakup album, but not in the traditional sense – rather than splitting from another person, she’s splitting from an old way of life, emerging from the chrysalis refreshed and ready” -Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen, The Guardian