June 09, 2023 1 min read

"I think it’s true to life, that idea of exploring what traps or what prisons we all live in, visible or not, that keep us from being able to be present, from being able to connect, from being able to evolve, and how many of those are of our own making?"

"It’s important to use your mind and to think creatively and deeply about everything, but don’t forget to always check in with your gut. Just check in with your heart because that’s really what I think we’re here for."
Magazine: L'Officiel Australia
Actress: Lauren Cohan
Photography, Creative Direction, and Production by: Mike Ruiz
Editor-in-Chief: Dimitri Vorontsov
Stylist: Star Burleigh
Jewelry: Alexis Bittar
Hair: Ryan Taniguchi
Make-up: Tamah
Special Thanks: Jade Ikazoboh & ETCETERA
Wardrobe: RITUAL Scarab Gown